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Having your first fire

Open Hearth Fires

Top down burning

Top down burning is the cleanest way you can build and burn a fire. Starting fires this way slowly warms up the flue while also creating the least amount of smoke .

Tending of the fire

proper tending of the fire can make the difference between a smoky fire that makes the house have a strong smell in the spring or a clean fire that has little to no smell in the spring.

Cleaning up ash

This is the easiest way to clean out ash from your fireplace. We don’t really like ash dumps in homes that have living spaces in the basement or hard to access cleanouts. convenience, CO, smoke, clearance issues are common reasons we seal them.  If you have live coals, place the bag/bucket away from any structures. 


Proper tending of the fire is number one in terms of enjoyment, efficiency, and safe operating temperatures.